email addresses are going away — here are 4 alternatives

Verizon has begun warning customers that it’s getting out of the email game and that you need to act soon if you want to keep your email address.

One alternative is to actually keep that address, but have Verizon acquisition AOL manage it for you. So your address would be on the surface, but AOL underneath due to Verizon ending its email service. (See also: “How to keep your Verizon email account from being killed off”)

But if this whole situation might be prompting you to make a clean break from your carrier’s email system, here are a few free messaging services that you might want to consider, some more obvious than others. I’ve taken a fresh spin through each of the email systems to collect the latest info on them, figuring at least a good chunk of the 4.5 million email accounts controlled by Verizon will be moving elsewhere sooner than later.

Google Gmail

Can more than a billion users — well, many of those users have multiple accounts — be wrong? Maybe, though many Gmail users are willing to put up with the bad (personalized ads here and there) for the good (reliable service, free).

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