Trade commission finds Arista infringed on two original Cisco patents

The legal ping-pong battle between Cisco and Arista Thursday found Cisco on the winning side as In the International Trade Commission ruled that Arista switches infringe on two core Cisco patents that the company says are key technologies in its network switching pantheon.

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Mark Chandler, senior vice president, General Counsel and Secretary of Cisco wrote in a blog post of the Commission’s specific ruling that Arista was:

  • In violation of U.S. Patent 6,377,577 (“Access Control List Processing In Hardware”)
  • In violation of U.S. Patent 7,224,668 (“Control Plane Security and Traffic Flow Management”)

“Both of these patents cover core Cisco networking technology. The ‘577 patent, a named inventor of which is Arista chairman and founder, Andy Bechtolsheim, who presumably was aware of his own invention when designing Arista products, is a fundamental Cisco invention that improves processing in network devices,” Chandler said. “The ‘668 patent covers a core Cisco invention for improving network device security and helps, among other things, prevent denial of service attacks. Like our other patents that Arista was found to infringe, these inventions were developed by Cisco employees and remain critical to the cutting-edge products that we sell.”

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