Review: HPE OfficeConnect network products very easy to deploy, manage

The role of Wi-Fi has changed in most companies and is no longer something that’s merely convenient. Rather, it’s critical to a business’s ability to ensure its customer are happy and workers are productive.

Given the growing importance of Wi-Fi, it’s essential vendors make products that are easy to set up, particularly for small businesses where the technical acumen of the person setting the product up is likely to be low.

HPE had inquires as to the importance of having the product be easy to setup and manage, and I said that I felt it was the most important attribute. In fact, I chose the solution for my house — which includes four indoor access points (APs), one outdoor AP, and a 48 port Ethernet switch — based on how easy the product was to operate.  I’m very technical, but I really can’t be bothered to fiddle around with doing things in a CLI.

HPE was certain that their product, HPE OfficeConnect, would set a new bar for being easy to deploy and manage and asked me to test the product and write a review. I agreed, and they sent me a pair of access points and a small office Ethernet Switch. 

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