Reimagining IT networks with reconfigurable computing solutions

reimagine /riːɪˈmadʒɪn/

To reinterpret something imaginatively – in other words, in a creative and innovative way

The word “reimagine” is one of those words loved by marketing people and often loathed by engineers. But, in the context of this column, I think it is appropriate. The word “reimagine” should be close to every engineer’s heart, as it is at the essence of what we all love: solving problems in a creative and innovative way.

Over the last decade or two, we have witnessed a great deal of creativity and innovation in how we build networks and deliver communication services. We have witnessed the rise of Ethernet and IP and how these two protocols laid the foundation for a common networking paradigm that we take for granted today. We have witnessed the rise of the IP-based internet and how every imaginable service has been dramatically affected. We have witnessed the rise of cloud computing and how this has, in a sense, completed the disruption that the introduction of the internet first promised.

Now, in the latest wave of creativity and innovation, we are witnessing how the workhorse that we have taken for granted, the standard computing platform, is being reimagined. This promises not only to reimagine computing, but also to reimagine how networking and communication services are delivered in the future.

The new wave I am talking about is reconfigurable computing.

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