Nutanix looks to turn its products into a platform — and attract CIOs

Every big vendor has had to start small and then grow into a major platform. Nutanix is no exception. And this week at its .NEXT user conference, the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) provider outlined a plan to move from being a niche vendor that makes VDI work better to becoming the next big enterprise platform vendor.

In a recent interview, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey talked about the building blocks of becoming a major enterprise vendor. Nutanix started off with an integrated hardware/software appliance to deliver its HCI solution. Pandey referred to this as their “iPhone,” meaning it was a fully integrated and turnkey product where Nutanix owns the entire experience.

Over time, the company has shifted to a model where the software has been decoupled from the hardware and customers are free to deploy Nutanix on their choice of hardware. Pandey referred to this as the company’s “Android” strategy. 

The question is: Where does the company go from here? At .NEXT, Nutanix made it clear it’s not content being the little niche vendor we all know today. Their sights are set high — rainbow high. When it initially came to market, its goal was to make infrastructure invisible to enable companies to build and run apps without having to worry about constantly tuning and tweaking the underlying technology.

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