NS1’s Private DNS enables modern applications, DevOps and more

We all know and appreciate DNS as the domain name system that maps names like Networkworld.com to the IP address that a browser actually connects to in order to get content from a website. DNS is obviously a foundational piece of the internet. However, the technology is a bit stale and needs a refresh to keep up with the times.

Legacy DNS is a simple protocol. It is essentially a phonebook that maps a domain name to an IP address. Most commercial DNS products or services in the market today are based on an open-source software product called BIND put out by the Internet Software Consortium. The name BIND stands for “Berkeley Internet Name Daemon” because the software originated in the early 1980s at the University of California at Berkeley. Not much about the DNS protocol has changed since then.

While DNS is essential for helping to route traffic to the right places, it hasn’t kept up with the needs of modern enterprise application architectures and application delivery. Enterprises today want to take advantage of application architectures utilizing hybrid cloud and private cloud, and they want to use virtualization, containerization, and automation in a DevOps environment. Large global enterprises want to use edge technologies to deliver applications from the locations closest to users and customers. These changes from legacy application architectures prompt a need for a new kind of DNS software to direct traffic directly where it is needed in these dynamic and distributed environments.

This is what NS1 has announced with its new Private DNS solution. Private DNS is based on software that NS1 built from the ground up to enable integration of DNS with modern application architectures. It is available in a self-hosted manner for large enterprises to operate inside their environment. It has multiple use cases and solves problems that create friction in modern enterprise applications.

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