Manage user performance, not the network, with machine learning tools

Over the past decade, network management tools have evolved from being fault based to performance based. This has become a critical element in running infrastructure because faults don’t matter as much.

That might seem like a strange thing to say, but consider the fact that critical infrastructure such as switches, routers, Wi-Fi access points and servers are deployed in a way to protect against outages. Infrastructure is built so redundantly today that any hardware device can go down and its likely no one will notice.

A bigger problem is managing user performance. Often users calling about a certain application not working well, but when the engineer looks at the dashboard, everything is green. Performance problems are much harder to diagnose and can kill employee productivity. 

Earlier this year, I did some research that looked that the impact of poor application performance and found that workers are 14 percent less productive because of application issues. Think about that statistic. Businesses invest billions of dollars every year in technologies to make workers more productive, but if they could just get all the applications they already run to work optimally, employee productivity would increase 10 percent or more.

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