Juniper Networks expands multi-cloud connectivity portfolio

Juniper Networks has announced an expanded portfolio of products for companies to become “multi-cloud ready,” unifying both the public cloud and on-premises computing resources.

The new offerings don’t just connect the data center to the cloud; they also cover campus and branch offices, the latter of which can often be overlooked or forgotten due to being remote.

Companies are moving more workloads to the cloud to keep up for a variety of reasons, but a recent study from consulting giant PwC and commissioned by Juniper found that while a majority of enterprise workloads are going to move to the cloud in the next three years, the workload on premises will not diminish. If anything, it will need to keep up with the cloud.

Customers forced to adopt multi-cloud strategy

As a result, enterprises will be forced to adopt a multi-cloud strategy because the notion of moving everything to the cloud and shutting down the data center just isn’t going to happen.

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