IoT protects fishing fleets and global fisheries with RPMA technology

The global seafood industry is over $190 billion. Millions of fishers take to the oceans each day to feed local communities and a growing global appetite for seafood.

How can the demand for fish be met while maintaining healthy oceans? A new IoT-based solution holds promise.

Background: The challenge of monitoring fishing boats

Over half of the world’s seafood is exported from developing countries. Much of the catch is from small fishing boats, which are difficult to monitor and protect. Commercial fishing in developing regions typically occurs within 30 miles from land. Establishing a communication channel that can support hundreds of fishing boats spread out over a large area is a challenge. Boats are small and lack dependable power. Devices have to be both affordable and rugged.

Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA)

Small boats spread out over a large remote area represent a challenge for network designers. How many towers are needed and where should they be located to offer enough usable capacity. Capacity is the number of devices that can simultaneously be supported per tower or base-station.

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