Huawei jumps into intent-based networks

The concept of intent-based networks (IBN) has been around for the better part of half a decade, but it’s really only come into its down in the past couple of years. The vision of a “self-driving” network had appeal but was largely science fiction.

However, over the past couple of years, we have seen this vision turn into reality with several networking vendors coming to market with products that work. Many of the use cases are still fairly basic, but the foundation has now been laid and intent is where the new battleground for networking vendors will be fought.

Huawei unveils Intent-Driven CloudCampus

This week, Huawei became the latest solution provider to throw its hat into the intent-based arena when it announced its Intent-Driven CloudCampus solution at its 2018 Huawei Western Europe Partner Summit.

Huawei technology is well adopted in Asia and some parts of Europe and the Middle East but remains somewhat of a mystery with North American enterprises. The company is talking a big game with its intent-based solution. It has designed the product to make the network more intelligent, simplify operations, converge multiple networks, and be more secure while also open.

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