HPE places a $4B bet on its edge-network portfolio

HPE’s pledge to pump billions of dollars into developing edge systems shines a light on the company’s ambition to be the leading end-to-end computing infrastructure provider.

CEO Antonio Neri made the investment announcement at the company’s Discover conference Tuesday in Las Vegas, in his first appearance at the company’s annual event as chief executive. He took over the CEO role from Meg Whitman in February.

Neri said that HPE will use the funds to advance the development of “intelligent edge” products, services and engineering initiatives. Edge-network computing, he said, presents opportunities for enterprises as they decentralize their data capture and analytics capabilities to capitalize on the flood of information generated by IoT and mobility technology.

Neri noted that Gartner predicts that by 2022, 75 percent of enterprise-generated data will be created at the edge.

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