How intent-based networking is transforming an industry

The fundamental principles of intent-based networking have been present for years, but only recently has this phenomenon grow to its full size today, where it stands to upend modern industry and business practices. So what exactly is intent-based networking, and is it really so marvelous to warrant the recent renewal in interest and support it’s gained?

A brief foray into intent-based networking shows that, while it’s a very complex technology, it’s rather easy to grasp a basic understanding of it. Furthermore, a look at what some of today’s top companies are doing with this tech, and some ruminations about what they plan to do in the future, shows just how significantly intent-based networking can reshape modern markets.

A rising market

Intent-based networking systems, or IBNS, have existed in theory for a long time, but have only recently become attainable due to advances in things such as machine learning and data analytics. In a nutshell, IBNS aims to have one networking administrator in charge of an entire system, offering guidelines and creating a rough framework only to have automated software implement it. It relies on the speed and efficacy of machines to replace humans as implementers, but also uses recent tech-breakthroughs to add intelligence to the network, which separates it from past innovations.

As new advancements in technology have only just now made IBNS a possibility, the market for it is almost entirely untapped. Only the bravest of pioneers, like Cisco and a forward-thinking SEO company, have even begun to try and implement a IBNS with expectations that it could actually work. So how are these early adapters fairing in their quest to transform modern ways of business?

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