How City Furniture built a better Wi-Fi network

Founded in 1971, City Furniture got its start when Kevin Koenig and his brothers constructed wood bed frames in a garage. They started with a single showroom, Waterbed City, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but have now grown to 27 locations across the state and operate under the brands of City Furniture and Ashley Furniture HomeStore brands. 

The company currently has an older Cisco 802.11g Wi-Fi network that it uses for bar code scanning and inventory management and was reaching the end of its life. City Furniture had big plans to digitize the company by moving its point-of-sale (POS) operations and capabilities to Wi-Fi-enabled tablets so the employees could transact business from anywhere in the store. Also, it wanted to use VoIP to take calls from iPads anywhere in the showroom, as well as access radio apps. 

To do these things and become a modernized, digital retailer, the company needed to upgrade its Wi-Fi network to something with greater throughput and 5GHz capabilities. The new wireless network was critical to the plans for City Furniture; they could not afford to make the wrong decision. So Eric Jensen, infrastructure manager at City Furniture, went through an extensive evaluation process to ensure the network would satisfy immediate requirements but also carry the company into the future.

Why City Furniture selected Aerohive

Jensen recruited the help of Gartner to help with the RFP process and to build a short list that included Aerohive and a number of other Wi-Fi players. After pitting all the vendors against the technical requirements provided by Gartner, City Furniture chose Aerohive for three reasons: 

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