How business is preparing for the arrival of 5G

As today’s market continues to churn out new technologies which revolutionize entire industries overnight, many business leaders are scrambling to prepare themselves for the next disruptive innovation. Increasingly, astute corporations and bold startups alike are coming to realize that 5G is the next big thing which will reshape how they operate, and they’re taking steps to prepare for it.

So how exactly are today’s leading brands and companies preparing themselves for 5G’s arrival? What common pitfalls have these preppers encountered, and how can a savvy businessman avoid making them himself? Is 5G really worth all of the sound and fury?

A new type of telecom industry

While a market where 5G is ubiquitous will see a plethora of changes, few stand to be revolutionized more than the telecom industry. In the past few years alone, consumers all around the globe have flocked to digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers en masse, forcing businesses to up their wireless systems and the standards they follow. When 5G inevitably arrives, these same businesses will have an even greater hurdle set before them.

The generation and exploitation of data has exploded recently, largely thanks to the Internet of Things phenomenon which has placed a digital device in virtually every pocket. 26 billion devices are expected to be working around the world as soon as 2020, many of them mobile devices which will eventually rely on 5G networks to properly function.

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