F5’s new CEO shares his early impressions, his vision for the app delivery powerhouse


F5’s new President and CEO, Francois Locoh-Donou, took over the reins of the application delivery networking company April 3, replacing longtime leader John McAdam who retired in 2015 but stepped back into the position when his replacement resigned in December of that year for “personal conduct matters.”  Locoh-Donou was mostly recently COO of Ciena, a telecom equipment supplier.  Network World Editor in Chief John Dix talked with Locoh-Donou yesterday about his plans and ambitions for F5 after Locoh-Donou hosted his first F5 quarterly earnings call (Q2 revenue up 7% year-over-year to $518 million). 

Given your history in the technology business, are there any experiences in particular that will guide you in this new role?

A couple of things. There are similarities between Ciena and F5.  Both companies emerged in the late ‘90s as high-flying technology companies that became publically traded and survived some of the downturns in the technology space.  And they are similar size in terms of employees and revenue.  So some of the experiences I had at Ciena will be valuable here. 

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