EdgeMicro announces 30-city edge-network deployment

There is quite a rush on to build out edge computing networks, that vital link between the massive amount of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and data centers. One of the companies involved is newcomer EdgeMicro, which announced plans to deploy micro-data centers in 30 cities around the U.S. for an unnamed cellular partner.

EdgeMicro said “a leading North American mobile network operator” has begun verification tests of its technology. It did not name the operator, but if it’s a national operator covering 30 major cities, there are only four obvious candidates — Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

Edge computing is an important step in making IoT work. The sheer volume of data generated by millions of IoT devices would overwhelm local cell towers and networks, not to mention data centers. The solution is to build out these edge networks to do the bulk of the processing work locally rather than sending it to a remote data center.

There are several reasons for the process, not the least of which is latency. Even as fast as networks are these days, they aren’t fast enough to handle all the network data coming from a smart car in, say, Dallas to a data center in Iowa and back. It’s better to process the data in Dallas and send the results back to the car in town.

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