Demand for managed SD-WAN services skyrockets

Demand for SD-WAN delivered as a managed service is exploding as customers see the benefits that SD-WAN can bring to their distributed organizations.

For example, communications service providers (CSPs) such as Verizon, NTT, and BT all report strong demand for SD-WAN services. Plus, hundreds of other CSPs, cable providers (e.g. Comcast), managed service providers (MSPs), and system integrators have recently deployed new SD-WAN services.

We also see that managed SD-WAN revenues are growing rapidly as they displace traditional managed WAN services (e.g. private lines and MPLS) — an addressable market of over $40 billion in business services.

As a result, Doyle Research forecasts that worldwide expenditures by organizations on managed SD-WAN services will exceed $10 billion by 2022. (Disclosure: I’m the principal analyst at Doyle Research.)

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