Closing the PC/TC experience gap for good

When thin clients were first introduced to the market in 1995, there was a cultural backlash. Thin clients may have made working with company data less costly and more secure, but from the workers’ perspective, their PC was replaced by a little box connected by a serial cable, with limited graphics that was much slower than the PC they were used to working on every day.

In those early days, even as we swapped the serial cables for network ones, shrunk the cases, and doubled the performance, it didn’t take long before thin clients were banished to niche use cases, becoming the territory of call centers, nurses’ stations and manufacturing plants—often to those workers’ disappointment.

Until recently, this was the status quo. The experience gap compared to PCs made it tough for thin clients to reach any deep level of market adoption, despite their power saving, cost and security benefits.

But here in 2018, that experience gap has all but closed, just as the rise of the mobile workforce has made security substantially more difficult for IT teams. Suddenly, thin clients seem like a pretty great idea.

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