Cisco Digital Network Architecture: a prison of promises or the next big thing?

Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) promises to help companies in their digital transformation journey where new technologies can be used to accelerate business activities and processes to make them more competitive. It’s also a big validation that network analytics is no longer a nice to have but a must have. 

Cisco DNA aims to provide a platform that companies can use as the foundation for digital transformation projects. The architecture’s key tenants are virtualization, automation, analytics, a cloud-based service management layer, and open application programming interfaces (APIs). It’s a system that’s “designed for automation.” In other words, Cisco wants to make its products easier to deploy and manage. At the heart of that message is a move away from CLI. Sounds good so far.

We’ve seen this movie before

Part of Cisco’s vision surrounding digital transformation is to make the network more responsive and agile. Its DNA and intent-based networking campaign is Cisco’s most hyped initiative since Borderless Networks in 2011. Remember that?

First unveiled in March 2016, DNA was designed to help engineers, developers, and partners build and manage what Cisco calls “digital-ready networks.” 

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