Choosing ISPs for SD-WAN: don’t be pound foolish

I was in the local Best Buy the other day and overheard a conversation between a saleswoman and a father looking to buy a computer for his daughter. Apparently, the daughter is a designer, which of course requires lots of heavy graphics work. Anyway, the saleswoman was trying to explain how he should invest a little bit more in an expensive graphics card because of her work. The father wouldn’t hear of it. He wanted the least expensive machine possible.

It was a mistake.

Part of the art of life is knowing when and where to invest your resources for maximum return. Sometimes less is, well, less and investing a bit more really can make a difference. I know you didn’t come to this blog for self-help advice, but life’s truism has real-world implications for wide area networks and, in particular, when selecting the Internet infrastructure underlying your SD-WAN.

Some IT managers seem to think IP connectivity is a commodity. One ISP is supposedly the same as the next and so they don’t have to worry about finding the “right” ISP.  In fact, there can be a vast difference between Internet service providers. Getting that “right” Internet service can sometimes make an enormous difference in the quality of experience for your users.

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