Beware the networking industrial complex

There is a status quo in the networking industry that is the enemy of innovation. The major hardware equipment makers collectively benefit by propagating the many layers of equipment and protocols. This “deep state” that exists within our innovation economy must be defeated to unleash the next wave of innovative networking, which will be software-based and ideally designed to support business applications and services.

One leader of the Networking Industrial Complex has a certified army of mercenaries that are compensated by unsuspecting enterprises to architect networks. These mercenaries attend training camps to be reprogrammed on a frequent basis. Examinations are held to ensure compliance. This entire system ensures that networking architectures, techniques and methods will not change. It’s no wonder many executives of companies are handing the keys to IT and networking to third parties.

Watch ”AWS re:Invent 2016: Another Day, Another Billion Packets” on YouTube and you will quickly get a sense of how networking architectures could be. Mercenaries will all understand rapidly how AWS VPCs have transformed networking with software. They will also realize there is no BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, MPLS, ACLs, or multi-cast. In fact, most of the mercenary routing and switching curriculum is simply not relevant.

Or watch ”Facebook, Petr Lapukhov – Open/R The Joy of Packet Routing” on YouTube and you will see another approach to networking that is innovative and new. Facebook also has introduced IPv6 ILA as an additional technique for routing packets. Both of these approaches are implemented in software.

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