Arista’s new solutions sets the standard for cloud scale

When it comes to the cloud’s impact on the network, there are two things I hear over and over again that I disagree with. The first is that the cloud commoditizes the network. This actually dovetails into the second fallacy where some believe that merchant silicon based products offer no differentiation and “good enough” will become the norm where price is the only way to compete.  

I do believe the cloud will have a negative effect on many technologies, such as spinning disks (not flash) and rack mount servers, but the network does not fall into this category.

With the cloud, the network matters more than ever. In fact, the network will be one of the competitive differentiators for cloud providers and enterprises building out their own private or hybrid clouds. A good enough network means a good enough cloud experience, where a high quality, agile network enables greater cloud performance. Don’t get me wrong, the network needs to change from the monolithic, hardware centric solutions available today to something more agile with the ability to scale up and out at “cloud speed” but it’s more important than ever.

One company that has been wildly successful leveraging software innovation on merchant silicon is Arista Networks and this week it announced new hardware and software for its R series that set a new high water market for cloud scale. The latest products also support Arista’s AlgoMatch feature to bring greater flexibility to Arista switches.

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