A ‘GaN-do’ attitude for networking

CES 2018 did not disappoint, with a gaggle of networking-enabled gadgets for your home, car and bathroom. But many of these technologies demand more data, putting strain on wireless networks.

Imagine if all 125 million U.S. households suddenly invested in a smart toilet? 

When the number of low- and high-bandwidth devices multiply, cable TV networks and cellular base stations bear the burden. So, what’s a network provider to do?

The answer – somewhat surprisingly – is to borrow from the defense industry. When times get tough in the commercial electronics space, network providers seek to adopt high-gain, high-power RF solutions from defense radar and communications systems, including many that depend on gallium nitride.

Yes, we GaN

Gallium nitride, more affectionately known as “GaN,” is not the latest cryptocurrency or something you likely learned about in high school chemistry class. GaN is a compound semiconductor that comes in many flavors depending on the application. These include:

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