A first-hand account of Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando

I have had many people ask me about what Cisco Live is like, from my perspective as a long-time attendee and a member of the Hall of Fame Elite for speakers.  While my perspective may be a bit different than your average attendee, I thought I’d give it a shot and write it up.

Cisco Live is an amazing event.  Some years, I may present at Cisco Live up to 4 times per year, and this was one of those years. 

  • Cancun, Mexico – December 2017
  • Barcelona, Spain – February 2018
  • Melbourne, Australia – March 2018
  • Orlando, Florida, USA – June 2018

When I was a young buck and started attending Cisco Live they were actually called “Networkers” and to me, that still describes the best part of Cisco Live.  Not networking in the technology sense, but the human networking that goes on.  It’s like a reunion with the people that I get to see year after year; and I get to meet new people every single time.

This year I got stopped in the hall by an old friend I have not seen in many years, as well as a wonderful surprise reunion with a former student of mine who I have not seen in 16 years.

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