6 key themes shaping the future of network performance management

We live in an exciting era for IT. Countless new technologies are changing how networks are built, how access is provided, how data is transmitted and stored, and much more. Cloud, IoT, edge computing and machine learning all offer unique opportunities for organizations to digitally transform the way they conduct business. Different as these technologies are, they are unified by their dependence on a properly functioning network, on what might be called “network continuity.” The key component for achieving network continuity is visibility.

It’s no secret that new and emerging technologies have always driven networking best practices. With such a wide range of business objectives and activities relying on IT, network performance really is a life or death issue for most companies. So, it’s critical that we maintain a firm grasp on the latest industry trends in order to make informed, strategic network management decisions.

To help explore these trends, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently released the 2018 edition of its bi-annual network management study. From the broad impacts of cloud services and networking toolset challenges, to the convergence between operations (NetOps) and IT security, the report reveals several fascinating themes that are changing network management processes, and their business impact for the enterprise.

Here are six key network management trends and why organizations should care:  

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