5 ways the IoT must improve to achieve enterprise success

If you think you know the problems facing the Internet of Things (IoT), a new Deloitte report, Five vectors of progress in the Internet of Things, offers a great chance to check your assumptions against the IoT experts.

Despite the fancy-pants “vectors of progress” language, the report’s authors — David Schatsky, Jonathan Camhi, and Sourabh Bumb — basically lay out the IoT’s chief technical challenges and then look at what’s being done to address them. Some of the five are relatively well-known, but others may surprise you.

5 IoT challenges

Let’s take a look at all five “vectors of progress,” recast as the challenges they really are, and then get some insight from Schatsky, a Deloitte managing director and resident “trend sensor,” on IoT’s biggest opportunities.

1. Security holes

Everyone knows security is a key IoT issue, but according to the Deloitte report, new IoT devices with more computing power and embedded security features are helping to improve the IoT security situation. The new hardware leverages low-power microchips to better run traditional cybersecurity applications and protocols. IoT network security has also been a problem, but wider availability of IoT-specific cybersecurity solutions promises to help spot anomalies and potentially compromised devices.

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