5 things analytics could tell you about your network in 2018

1. Whether your users are happy (without having to talk to them)

It’s not always cool to admit, but the ultimate goal of every networker is to have happy users. Like many other thankless jobs, we only hear about problems. When we do, we react. But that isn’t ideal. What we really want is to know about problems as they are developing, before users complain. They don’t even have to know.  But we do.

A Network Management System (NMS) has been the traditional go-to solution to sniff out these sorts of problems. But most were designed for just one view of a certain part of the network using antiquated technology that doesn’t provide any sort of predictive problem solving based on what the user is actually experiencing. It’s like trying to figure out San Francisco traffic based on the status of the traffic signals. Just because the signals are working properly doesn’t mean the drivers (users) are having a good experience.

Modern analytics systems focus on actual user experience by looking at, you guessed it, user experience.  Just like Google Maps or Waze, these systems look at user experience and, if there is a problem, proactively notify you so you can swing into action. And even better than San Francisco traffic, these systems will even tell you how to fix the problem.

2. Not all your WiFi access point radios are working, no matter what your NMS says

All enterprise class WiFi systems have a built in NMS with varying functionality. The most basic feature is the typical red/amber/green access point status. What may surprise you is that a green status doesn’t actually mean the AP radios are allowing connections and transferring data.

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