5 myths about Z-wave technology debunked

As the IoT and industries related to it continue to expand at mind-boggling speeds, it’s only natural that myths and hear-say about IoT-related technologies grow as well. One of the greatest victims of scandalous rumors is Z-Wave technology, a critical aspect of the IoT that is often unfairly castigated by those who present false or misleading information.

So just how secure is Z-Wave technology? What are the most persistent myths about it, and why do some people benefit from spreading them? Below, we’ll go over five common myths about Z-Wave tech, and explain just how wrong they are.

Z-Wave is difficult to integrate into the IoT

One of the most heinous hoaxes proliferating around the internet is that Z-Wave technology is difficult to integrate into the IoT, and presents serious challenges to IoT application and gadget developers. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Some Z-Wave critics argue that its development kits are few and far-between, and challenging to both locate and utilize. The reality, however, is that a plethora of Z-Wave development kits are readily prepared to help IoT developers achieve their objectives easily.

Many of these development kits even come with access to technical support, and are tailor-made to get IoT applications up and running in no time.

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