4G LTE internet is a network-saver

4G LTE Internet is an under-utilized asset for your company’s network… and your sanity.

As someone who’s owned a business telecom, Internet, and cloud brokerage for 14 years [shameless plug], I’ve had my share of drama surrounding circuits taking too long to install. Whether it’s fiber taking a year to get built-out, or a T1 taking 6 weeks to install (when our customer’s business was relocating in 4), being at the mercy of an ISP’s unexplainable, bureaucratic timeline has been the most stressful part of my job.

Have you felt my pain? [raucous cheer]

Not far behind those bad experiences are the times I’ve had customers call me (in a panic), telling me their Internet circuit is completely down and they either do not have a backup or they have a ridiculously slow backup. And again, we are at the mercy of the ISP’s timeline, as the customer and I wait (as minutes seem like hours), for the Internet circuit to be restored.

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