3 ways networking will change for the better in 2018

As I discussed in “Why web-scale is the future,” over the past year, we’ve seen more organizations embrace it as the “go-to” model for flexible, resilient and on-demand infrastructure. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 40% of global enterprise CIOs will have initiated a corporate web-scale IT initiative.

As web-scale principles continue their rise within large enterprises, the role the network plays for the business, as well as the day-to-day working lives of network engineers, will change in some pretty significant ways in the year ahead.

1. Networks will help fuel digital transformation rather than slow it down

40 percent of CEOs rank digital transformation as their top imperative, according to a recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey. More than ever, digital transformation is crucial to business success; in 2018, spending on the software, hardware and services that enable digital transformation will reach nearly $1.3 trillion, predicts analyst firm IDC. This figure “represents a 16.8 percent jump compared to the $1.1 trillion spent this year,” according to Datamation.

However, too often, the network has been a hold-up for developer teams working on these digital initiatives. This year, I predict as automation moves beyond vision and becomes fully operationalized, we’ll get closer to the ideal of unlimited, transparent services for application owners. Network architects will design for applications we haven’t even dreamed of yet, getting the technology out of the way of big, creative ideas that keep businesses competitive and delight customers.

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