3 providers fixing the middle mile problems of internet-based SD-WANs

A new global backbone provider emerged from stealth last week, giving organizations even more choice in how they build their Internet-based SD-WANs.  Mode introduced what it calls a “software-defined core” (SD-CORE) network that offers IT “affordable private network reliability and quality of service” across the globe.

The company joins Aryaka and Cato Networks as one of the few independent backbone providers helping enterprises solve the variability problems of the Internet core.  “Internet testing results: Why fixing the internet middle mile is essential for SD-WAN performance,” middle-mile performance, forms the biggest challenge for delivering stable, global, low-latency connections.

Although last miles were more erratic than the middle mile, any impact was marginalized by their relatively short length. The middle mile on a global connection would naturally account for most of the path’s latency, a fact that’s only exacerbated by the public peering and crazy routing practices of the Internet.

Replacing the public Internet with a private backbone (the AWS network in our case) stabilizes latency significantly.  We found that by sending traffic across the AWS backbone, communications between our AWS workloads deviated nearly 90 percent less from the median than when they operated across the public Internet. See our post for more detailed results.

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