Review: More sleep-related devices to help you get more ZZZs

The month of May has been dedicated “Better Sleep Month” by the Better Sleep Council. If you don’t like that group and you prefer to follow the guidelines of the National Sleep Foundation, you just celebrated Sleep Awareness Week (April 23-29, 2017). Either way, there’s no better time to look at some new products that want to help you get a better night’s sleep.

I’ve previously written about two other devices – the ASTI Sound+Sleep SE sound machine, which provides 64 different sounds to help provide a white-noise-like effect; and the LIVE sensor by EarlySense, which tracks your heartbeat, breathing, stress levels and sleep stages to give you data about how much (or how little) you’re sleeping.

Since then, I was also sent two additional sleep-related products. First up – the Nightingale smart home sleep system, by Cambridge Sound Management. The company prides itself on being experts in sound masking, which is a little bit different than providing a white noise environment. The company makes sound masking products for other businesses that want to help reduce conversational noise in the office, in a board room or doctor’s office waiting room, for example.

Cambridge Sound Management

The Nightingale sleep system includes two wall-plug devices (with passthrough plugs) that create a noise-like sound masking system to help you block out disturbing noises while you sleep.

The Nightingale system is a foray into the consumer market, aimed at providing a sound masking system for sleeping purposes. The system consists of two wall outlet plug units that also provide pass-through outlets for plugging in other electronics – so you don’t have to sacrifice two outlets in a room to utilize the Nightingale plugs. The two units then provide sound masking for common indoor and outdoor noises that cause people to wake up during the night – including a snoring partner.

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