IoT poised to impact quality, capabilities of healthcare

Everything about the modern doctor’s office feels primitive. It’s one of the few businesses that requires I use my telephone for scheduling — unless it’s about lab results. For that, they prefer fax. Even the doctor’s tools, such as the blood pressure cuff, scale and stethoscope, are largely the same as the equipment used in my childhood.

I get that the industry needs to be cautious regarding change and that legal requirements further complicate matters, but changes are overdue. Because medical professionals are unlikely to adopt unproven tech, the evolution will most likely come from existing tech being used in other applications.

Let’s take a look at how things might change in healthcare technology:

Video technologies in healthcare

The cost of video has significantly dropped, and the availability of video equipment (webcams and mobile phones) has significantly increased. Telemedicine is in, and doctors are now seeing patients for consults and treatments. Doctors are also using telemedicine technologies for expert consults with other doctors.

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