Intuition Robotics debuts a robotic companion for the aged

This week, Intuition Robotics, a formerly stealth Israeli startup, is debuting ElliQ, a kind of robot, kind of personal assistant that it classifies as an artificial intelligence-based robot companion.

What that means in plain English is that this device is a kind of hub where information, internet services and connectivity combine and are delivered in a (hopefully) accessible way to the intended audience: in this case, the aged.

While In Israel last month, I met with Dor Skuler, CEO and founder of Intuition Robotics, to get the low down on what the company is doing and what the rationale is.

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According to some horrible age U.K. statistics, nearly half of all people aged 75 and over live alone, and more than 1 million of them say they always or often feel lonely. Thirty-six percent of the aged apparently speak to less than one person a day, and 11 percent say they spent five days or more a month without seeing anyone.

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