How to make singing tree faces for holiday light show

Last year I tried out my first holiday light display using a Light-O-Rama controller. I was sure a person could have a holiday light show that delights people of all ages and still keep their privacy intact since people wouldn’t be peering into their houses. That part was true; it’s a different story when two different TV crews show up in vans a couple different times and want interviews. Fortunately, declining is an option that doesn’t seem to impact traffic backing up to watch the lights dance to music they can hear via FM from the warmth of their vehicles.

I was also sure the second year would consume less time since the songs would be sequenced. That might be true, except for the fact that my hard drive and the hard drive with the backup died within five minutes of each other. Normally I’m not a big fan of the cloud, but this year as I finished sequencing songs, they went directly to the cloud. It’s an uncomfortable to feel like a walking commercial promoting cloud backups.

At any rate, I mentioned singing faces or Christmas trees last year. This year, I added another LOR controller and will have singing trees. If you decide to do the same thing, then you should block off a good amount of time for the DIY project.

HolidayCoro sells patterns for singing trees, singing Santa or Mrs. Claus faces, a singing snowman, singing snowman strumming a guitar, a talking reindeer, and singing light bulb faces. I opted for the singing tree pattern designed for RGB lights.

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