Google snafu signs users out of accounts, wreaks havoc on OnHub and Wifi routers

The good thing and the bad thing about the cloud is, well, the cloud. The latter part of that trueism was brought home late Thursday when some Google users were suddenly signed out of their accounts and devices.

The problem affected Google Wifi mesh routers, Google’s OnHub router, other devices like the Chromecast, and even some plain old Google Accounts.

The impact on you at home: If this problem affected you last night and you were suddenly signed out of all your accounts, don’t worry. Malcious hackers hadn’t suddenly taken over all your devices. Google says it was just a snafu with the Google Account engine.


The impact on Google Wifi and OnHub owners was more annoying since they weren’t simply signed out of their devices. Instead, those routers were reset to their factory defaults, meaning users had to go through the set up process again and rebuild their networks.

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