Cool Yule Tools 2016: Digital disruption at Santa’s Workshop

Things are hopping at Santa 2.0 (S2) – the new name for Santa’s Workshop. The North Pole toy factory has undergone a serious digital transformation, with centuries-old processes giving way to new and more efficient methods. 

Even the sleigh has gone digital – it’s now a self-driving, self-flying gift distribution system. Initially the S2 team wanted to hire Uber drivers to deliver presents, but after some more tinkering the autonomous system kicked in. But don’t worry – the reindeers are all doing just fine in their retirement.

While good girls and boys might still be handwriting their wish lists and delivering them via the post office, once the S2 team gets a hold of the requests, they’re quickly scanned, digitized and processed through the new ecosystem. Collaboration elves all work hard together (via a dedicated private Slack channel) to guarantee that production is on top of their game as well. Drones, robots, virtual reality and other emerging technologies are all being used to make sure that the S2 has another successful holiday season.

But what about the gifts, you ask? On the off chance that you haven’t yet created your digitized wish list, we’re here to suggest (for the 17th year, we might add) some very cool technical gift ideas for the special person on your list. Our Cool Yule Elves have been working (and collaborating and disrupting) very hard to create this list. For our absolute favorites, check out the quick-and-easy “Cool Yule Tools 2016: Our Top Picks” if you want to learn more about why we like these particular items, read our mini-reviews below.

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