Who’s developing quantum computers? | Network World

There are two main camps in the quantum computing development, says Ashish Nadkarni, Program Vice President of Computing Platforms, Worldwide Infrastructure at IDC. In the first camp are entrenched players from the world of classical computing. And in the second are quantum computing startups.

“It’s a highly fragmented landscape,” Nadkarni says. “Each company has its own approach to building a universal quantum computer and delivering it as a service.”

Classic-computing vendors pioneer quantum computing

Along with IBM, other classical computing companies staking a claim in the emerging field of quantum computing include:

Alphabet Inc.’s Google recently said it’s “cautiously optimistic” that its new Bristlecone quantum processor, with 72 qubits, can achieve “quantum supremacy.” Quantum supremacy, or quantum advantage as some call it, will happen when a quantum computer can solve a problem that a classical supercomputer can’t.

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