When it comes to hyperconverged infrastructure, the hardware matters

At Nutanix’s .NEXT user conference last week, the company certainly flexed its software muscles with a cornucopia of new products and a roadmap to becoming the next big enterprise platform vendor. To achieve this status, Nutanix has shifted to selling software and letting its customers run its stack on their preferred hardware platform.

There is currently a wide range of hardware partners supporting Nutanix, including Lenovo, IBM, and HPE. However, the vendor that has done perhaps the best job at providing the widest range of options for Nutanix customers is Dell EMC.

HCI use cases expand to high-performance workloads

Some of the IT pros I have talked to about hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) are under the common misconception that it’s the Nutnanix software stack that provides all the value and that the choice of hardware is somewhat irrelevant. While the Nutanix software is market leading, the hardware most certainly does matter. I would argue that a few years ago, when HCI was used primarily for VDI, the choice of hardware wasn’t as important, but today HCI is used for a wider range of applications, including Hadoop, Splunk, and Oracle.

Many organizations plan to expand HCI platforms for almost every business workload. As this shift happens, IT professionals should pay particular attention to which hardware platform they use to ensure they’re not overspending on hardware or using a platform that doesn’t have the necessary horsepower to ensure the performance requirements are met.

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