What’s the future of server virtualization?

Server virtualization is one of those technologies that’s simple in concept and profound in its impact on enterprise data centers.

What if, instead of running one operating system instance and one application per server, you could add a layer of software, known as a hypervisor, that enables you to run multiple operating system instances and associated workloads on a single physical server?

That’s the idea behind server virtualization, and the idea dates back to IBM mainframes in the 1960s and was popularized by VMware, which introduced virtualization software for x86 servers in the early 2000s. Since then, other vendors have developed their own server-virtualization platforms and the industry as a whole has created advanced management, automation and orchestration tools that make deploying, moving and managing virtual machine (VM) workloads a breeze.

Prior to server virtualization, enterprises dealt with server sprawl, with underutilized compute power, with soaring energy bills, with manual processes and with general inefficiency and inflexibility in their data-center environments.

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