What is hybrid cloud really, and what’s the best strategy?

Ask a group of IT leaders to define what a hybrid cloud is, and their answers are likely to be as diverse as the companies they work for. Once a black-and-white definition describing organizations with a mix of apps that reside in both the public cloud and in enterprise data centers, a hybrid cloud has now become much more complicated as the number of apps used in the enterprise grows and their integration requirements mount.  

The average company uses more than 1,400 cloud services, according to Skyhigh Networks, often because lines of business are being pressured to innovate, leaving little time to develop a strategy for the most efficient and cost-effective way to run them.

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Adding to the confusion, today’s hybrid-cloud jargon abounds with terms like multi-cloud, on-premises “native” cloud and public-clouds-on-premises, to name a few. How do enterprises decide what is real and what is marketing hype?

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