What is a data fabric and why should you care?

What is a data fabric?

The concept of a “data fabric” is emerging as an approach to help organizations better deal with fast growing data, ever changing application requirements and distributed processing needs.

The term references technology that creates a converged platform that supports the storage, processing, analysis and management of disparate data. Data that is currently maintained in files, database tables, data streams, objects, images, sensor data and even container-based applications can all be accessed using a number of different standard interfaces.

A data fabric makes it possible for applications and tools designed to access data using many interfaces such as NFS (Network File System), POSIX (portable operating system interface), a REST API (representative state transfer), HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system), ODBC (open database connectivity), and Apache KAFKA for real-time streaming data. A data fabric must also be capable of being enhanced to support other standards as they emerge in importance.

There are several goals a data fabric must address including the following:

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