Trend: Colocation facilities provide tools to manage data center infrastructure

Enterprises understand the advantages of colocation, but they also know that entrusting mission-critical infrastructure to third-party data centers means giving up some control over their servers.

Data center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools can provide colocation customers with transparency into their data center’s operations, to verify that providers are fulfilling the terms of their Service Level Agreements. A DCIM platform gives customers a “single pane of glass” to view the status of their IT infrastructure.

“Today, more colocation providers are offering their customers access to DCIM portals,” explains Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director for Data centers and Critical Infrastructure at 451 Research. “Customers want to see how well a colocation facility is operating, not just rely on the SLA. A DCIM tool gives the customer visibility into data center operations, and assurance that the colocation provider is meeting their obligations.”

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