Thinking of cutting out your database administrator? Think again

Once upon a time, there was a role known as the database administrator. Back when all data was stored locally, these employees were the keepers of the company database, responsible for making sure all information was accessible and tracking things such as financial information and customer details.

Typically, these employees would hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar subjects, while being well-versed in the major database management products (SQL, SAP and Oracle-based database management software).

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In 2017, however, the trend of enterprises moving data into the cloud continues to reduce the role of the database administrator (DBA) in big and small businesses alike around the world.

The DBA is typically responsible for tasks such as migrating, troubleshooting, installing, configuring, maintaining and designing a company’s database. For many institutions, it comes down to the DBA being the absolute bottom line in many situations—in layman’s terms, a true life-saver.

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