Startup RStor promises a new type of distributed compute fabric

A startup funded by Cisco and featuring some big-name talent has come out of stealth mode with the promise of unifying data stored across multiple distributed data centers.

RStor is led by Giovanni Coglitore, the former head of the hardware team at Facebook and before that CTO at Rackspace. The company also features C-level talent who were veterans of EMC’s technology venture capital arm, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, VMware, Dropbox, Yahoo, and Samsung.

Bouyed by $45 million in venture capital money from Cisco, the company has announced RStor, a “hyper-distributed multicloud platform” that enables organizations to aggregate and automate compute resources from private data centers, public cloud providers, and trusted supercomputing centers across its networking fabric.

“We’re trying to solve the dilemma of everyone’s desire to have flexibility and visibility into their cloud activities,” Coglitore told me. “There is somewhat of an anarchy of information about cloud. The cloud to most is a confusing space. What we attempted to do is bring clarity to that.”

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