Server downtime is bad. Server slowness is worse

I’ve worked at my fair share of large corporations in my life, and like most of you, I’ve experienced more network and server outages than I can shake a stick at. Sometimes these outages are small and only mildly disruptive (a file server going down for a few minutes). Other times, an outage can cause massive, widespread work stoppages (such as when an email server goes offline for multiple hours — or days). 

These outages are, at least for the company, bad things. If your employees can no longer communicate, work all but grinds to a halt. One hour of total downtime multiplied by the average hourly pay of your employees can equal a pretty big amount of lost moolah.

Yet there’s another issue causing the same sort of loss of productivity (and money) that many companies don’t think about much: the speed of those IT services (email, file servers, company databases, etc.).

How slow systems reduce employee productivity

Let’s assume a hypothetical situation.

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