Roast chestnuts, not your data center

With the happiest of holidays soon upon us and New Year’s right around the corner, now is an appropriate time to reflect on data center managers around the world so that all their days may be merry and bright. But wait, is that an IT staff member attempting to forecast capacity with his head buried in an MS Excel spreadsheet? And another, tiredly walking the data center with a Stanley tape measure hooked on his belt while daydreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones he used to know?

Our hearts go out to them, knowing that without accurate intel these data center managers won’t be able to take timely and appropriate actions, to say nothing about missing out on their CFOs’ figgy pudding. But they are not alone.

A recent survey indicated that nearly one in three data center managers lack sufficient actionable data to be able to make day-to-day decisions or long-term forecasting. In fact, as many as one in five data centers still rely exclusively on rack level thermal sensors and spreadsheets to maximize cooling efficiency.

Even more telling, 57 percent of data center managers reported that they experienced thermal related challenges that adversely affected operational efficiency during the previous year they were surveyed, and seven percent rely exclusively on hot spot audits as their only means of monitoring temperature. Let nothing you dismay, merry gentlemen, for we bring you tidings of comfort and joy.

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