Raspberry Pi roundup: Pi Day, Remembrances of Pis Past, competitor corner, STEM and SKULLS

Since we’ve just had a Raspberry Pi anniversary, you might think that it’s excessive to trumpet another Pi-related holiday just one week later, but, well, Tuesday was Pi Day, this is the internet, and I’m afraid that’s just the way these things go.

OK, so Pi Day isn’t, strictly speaking, a Raspberry Pi thing – around these parts, it’s more of a pie-in-the-face thing – but that didn’t stop the Raspberry Pi community from getting in on the act. The estimable Alex Bate over at the official Raspberry Pi Foundation blog put together a graphic to make sure everyone understands certain key points of terminology.


Everybody got that straight? No more ice cream on your Raspberry Pi, and no more being surprised that your actual raspberry pie doesn’t run Debian very well. (Probably not at all, to be honest. Have to recompile the kernel and everything.)

And anyway, if you did get the two confused, Lifehacker’s Florin Klosowski, who wrote an interesting article about his five years tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, could probably help you fix everything.

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