RackWare wants to help manage hybrid clouds everywhere

RackWare offers a management and automation platform that enterprises use to manage their computing resources to more closely follow demand. RackWare’s core proposition is that its management suite delivers cost savings to customers of a suggested 40 to 50 percent. Additionally, RackWare promises to deliver the highest levels of performance and availability to their customers.

The company today released a new take on its management suite that aims to extend the existing core RackWare offering. The new platform promises to offer enterprises a single solution (they refrained from calling it a single pane of glass) to move applications, protect those same applications and manage all the different applications across the totality of their infrastructure. Justifying the move, RackWare points to a recent IDC report that suggests 70 percent of heavy cloud users are considering a hybrid cloud strategy.

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RackWare is thus talking a strong hybrid story while promising to readily enable the movement and management of complex and legacy applications to the cloud. The company suggests—in something that might just be anathema to a large number of vendors out there that also purport to offer this value proposition—that prior to RackWare, enterprises were burdened with multiple tools to handle specific needs around migration, disaster recovery, backup and application management.

The company further tries to justify its hybrid credentials by claiming existing tools tend to be specific for physical or virtual environments, thus further adding to the complexity of managing workloads in the data center. I’d say that while that may have been the case a handful of years ago, most infrastructure management tools today—from either legacy or new-age vendors—are hybrid-enabled from the get-go.

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