Quantum-secured network ‘virtually un-hackable’ | Network World

A 75-mile, quantum-secured, high-speed fiber link has been built in the United Kingdom, the largest internet supplier there has said.

Particles of light, known as photons, carry encryption keys over the same connection as data. Hijacking those photons within the link immediately notifies the system that the keys have become bad — the thief interfering with those keys alters them and then they can’t be used by the interceptor — and the traffic becomes garbled instantly.

It’s “virtually un-hackable,” said Gavin Patterson, outgoing BT chief executive, announcing the link at Internet of Things World Europe that I attended in London last month.

BT and its partners’ pipe is the first real-world, quantum-secured, high-speed network in the U.K, BT claimed in a news release. The fiber runs between Cambridge University’s Engineering Department and BT’s lab in Suffolk. The equipment comes from ID Quantique and ADVA optical networks.

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